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Upcoming Coach Training

U6 & U8 field training August 15. 7-8:30
U6-U12 field training September 7 10am-1pm
U12 book training will be determined at field practice.


Wayland Soccer Camp

Want more Soccer this Summer?
Wayland Union Soccer is holding soccer camp for 1st through 8th grade players! Get a chance to work with our Wildcat players and Coach Sleeman. A great opportunity for more soccer!
Check out under youth athletics.

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Tips to help your player develop

Silent Saturdays Make Better Players
Why Sideline Screaming Can Stifle Your Child’s Game
Imagine you’re undertaking a fairly difficult task: assembling a piece of furniture with hieroglyphic instructions, filling out IRS Form 4562 on April 14, or standing on the highest rungs of a ladder painting the crown molding in your living room with 14-foot ceilings. Think it would help if someone yelled at you during the process? Of course not.

Yet when a child tries to control a bouncing ball in a crowd of other kids, adults often believe it’s perfectly acceptable to scream “advice.” The shouting at America’s soccer fields is so epidemic one wonders if adults ever reflect on their behavior. Adults, who would never shout at children while they’re enjoying the playground, drawing in a coloring book, or rearranging their dollhouse, loudly instruct from the sidelines without hesitation.

When adults scream from the sidelines they’re not just invading the children’s playtime, they’re preventing children from learning the game of soccer in a natural manner. The shouting is detrimental to the children’s development as soccer players and at worst can turn them off to the sport entirely.

If parents want to help their children become better soccer players, they can offer to kick the ball around with them in the backyard. But sideline instructions deny children a chance to make their own decisions, it stifles their creative instincts, and all too often the instructions are misguided.

When a player has the ball there are generally three options: dribble, pass or shoot. In the long-term, the great players are the ones who choose wisely most of the time. But if, when they’re first learning the sport, that decision is being made for them with a scream from […]