The cancellation policy for Wayland AYSO is as follows:
If there is lightning or thunder, all immediate games are cancelled. If however, there is no lightning or thunder for an hour, the games can be resumed. (depending on approaching conditions, a 30 minute delay may be possible)

In the event of a Tornado Warning or Thunderstorm Warning all activies are cancelled. Seek shelter. Tornado watches should be treated as seriously as warnings.

Rain or snow will NOT cancel a game unless there are other unsafe field conditions. These would include excessive standing water or ice. All cancellations will be determined by the Regional Commissioner and Regional Referees. Fields are checked prior to game time on Saturday morning for the most current conditions.

Cancellations will be communicated as follows:

Regional Commissioner or Regional Safety Director or Regional Referee determines conditions are unsafe
Regional Commissioner contacts Division Coordinators
Division Coordinators contact Team Coaches
Team Coaches contact Parents
Please make sure we have your current contact information on file so you can be contacted.
If the fields are deemed unsafe early enough, the Regional Commissioner will attempt to contact local TV stations for cancellation notice, post an update on the facebook page and update the web site.